Doug The Pug Recreates Swifty’s Most Iconic Moments

Doug the Pug gets the star treatment.

What? Seriously?! You haven’t heard about* ‘Doug The Pug’* yet!? Well, then let me fill you in real quickly.

Mashable enlisted Doug, is a dog, a pug, who has somewhat 1.6 million likes on Facebook, which not only means that he’s freakin’ popular, nope, this also means that he somewhat runs in the same circles as Taylor Swift! Say what? Yeah, you heard right.

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This ‘little’ common ground of Doug and Swifty, let Doug come up with the idea of creating a little photo tribute to the pop star.

For that matter, he’s recreated iconic images from the ‘Bad Blood’ shoot, fashion spreads, and more. Have a look above, it’s simply priceless.

Monday, 10. August 2015