How Many Celeb Hairstyles Can Harry Styles Pull Off?

  • How many famous hairstyles can harry styles pull off?

  • Here we have Harry with Kim Kardashian's, long dark locks. We wonder what Kanye what make out of this?

  • Since Miley started this whole discussion, here's Harry with Miley Cyurs' blonde crop.

  • Harry as Lady Gaga. Because who wouldn't want to wear a hairbow?!

  • Harry Styles with Kylie Jenner's blue mermaid hair. When two pop icons become one <3

  • Here we have Hazza with a hairdo nearly as famous as his own one. We'd NEVER be on a break with Harry having a glossy mane like Rachel from Friends.

  • It's Haylor! Maybe if Taylor Swift and Harreh would have looked more a like they would have stayed together?!

  • Harry with Ed Sheeran's ginger locks. He's literally on fire.

  • Harry Styles as Zayn Malik. It seems as if there's definitely more then one direction for this look...

  • Honestly, we don't know how to feel about Harry as Payno. What do you think?

  • Harreh with Niall Horan's blonde quiff. It's scary how much we kinda enjoy this look...<3

  • Harry with Louis Tomlinson's floppy locks. #LARRYGOALS

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    Miley Cyrus didn’t really have to remind us to fangirl all over Harry Styles and his ‘Hairy Styles’ (it’s an everyday routine), but she definitely inspired us to check, if the One Direction hunk can pull off every celebrity hairstyle in the book.

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    And no surprise, because well, of course he can! Check out Harry modelling the Rachel, the Kylie Jenner and even the Zayn Malik in our gallery above. That’s hot.


    Friday, 07. August 2015