Witness These Celeb Portraits Made Out Of Foods

    Yes. Foods. Milk. Salt. Ice Cream. Tasty. Literally.

    For illustrator Jessie Bearden, every spill is an inspiration. The 23-year-old artist has been creating impressive portraits using items you probably have in your fridge right now.

    Yep you heard right. Bearden makes images out of famous faces, using everything from ice cream to milk and even cigarette ash (yikes). Her art has already gotten her a lot of attention, as you may have seen her hands painting a coffee portrait in a McDonald commercial.

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    ‘I’m usually inspired by simply roaming the aisles at the grocery store, or just walking around the city,’ Bearden told MTV News.

    ‘After I’ve found the medium I want to use, I try to make a connection to pop culture in some way. Most of the time, the idea just pops into my head.’

    See 13 of her best spilled masterpieces in our picture gallery above.

    Wednesday, 05. August 2015