23 Life Lessons With Karlie Kloss

Karlie just turned 23, so in order to that, here are 23 things she's learned in 23 years.

Our latest Birthday gal, Karlie Kloss just turned 23 years old (3rd of August) and so she felt like sharing her little anecdotes – 23 in total – with us, cause well, it was her B-Day and sharing is caring anyway.

PS: You might even wanna stick to following Karlie’s very own Youtube channel, Klossy, where she’s actually – for once – the woman behind the camera (and in front, thank god).

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In case you’ve missed out on the whole life lessons and baking with Karlie session, well here you go:

Pretty satisfying summary of her sage wisdom, don’tcha think?

Happy (belated) birthday Karlie! Keep on keeping it Klossy. And we’d like to have a slice of that cake!

Wednesday, 05. August 2015