So, Miley Cyrus Is A Directioner

Miley Cyrus just outed herself as a Directioner in the best way ever.

Lover of a good late night Instagram posts, Miley Cyrus has finally confirmed, that she’s a total Directioner (too)… using a meme of Harry Styles with space buns.

Previously seen on Scary Spice, Gwen Stefani and Miley herself, a fan mocked up four images of Hazza rocking the bold hair look, which was then reposted by the ‘We Can’t Stop’ singer.

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‘Pretty much! #1D4EVR (contemplating whether we’re soul mates or if I’m pissed dat bitch stole my look jk),’ wrote Miley, sending our brains into overdrive.

Like, seriously, can you imagine if Miley and Harreh were a couple? What would we call them? Haley? Or would we all just cut to the chase and go for Marry? OMG!

Tuesday, 04. August 2015