The 10 Weirdest Apps You Need To Try

  • Introducing Tindog (yeah, you heard right)! In case your dog is feeling a bit lonesome lately, wait for that one special paw to swipe right. Barking, but brilliant.

  • What to add a bit of Zing to you toilet time? Paper racing could be just what you're looking for. The app encourages you to exercise your hands by yanking off e-loo roll in a certain amount of time. You can even play against your friends. Uhm, yay?!

  • So, you're in the flicks and you've just downed a soft drink bigger than your head. But what if you run to the loo just as zac gets his kit off? Run Pee tells you three - five minute moments in a movie when nothing good happens. AMAZING, righ?

  • All the coolest kids have cracked screens, don't they?! But you can get that 'just dropped mah phone' look without the hassle of actually destroying it, simply download this app and even choose the level of damage you want to fake. No, really. We're serious!

  • Finally, there's an app that tracks your movements. Log your poos, how much water you've drunk and how stressed you're feeling and the app will tell you if your turds are top notch or bummed out. Apparently it's a good way of checking your overall health, so....

  • When you fire up the app, a depressed-looking cow stares back at you. Poke the cow and it moos. That's basically it. The app's creator assures us that, 'hello cow has provided over an hour of laugh filled entertainment to the target audience'. Not judging...

  • Ever had trouble deciding if a creature is a Llama or a Duck? Yes? Well, frankly you're an idiot but you may enjoy this game that challenges you to do just that and we're not even kidding. ENJOY!

  • O.M.GEE. This app, that allows you to squeeze your way through levels of spots including (gulp) 'the shooter', may just be the most revolting thing we'Ve ever seen. Obviously we downloaded it in seconds.

  • Got ghost issues? Spirit Story Box is the app for you then. It claims to translate the words of spooks that could be sitting on your shoulder or weirding about in your basement right now. According to reviews, they says something other than wooooooooooo...

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    Monday, 03. August 2015