Scott Eastwood: Surfing is pap free zone

Scott Eastwood goes for a dip when he needs to switch off from his hectic life.

Scott Eastwood can get away from the “bulls**t” when he’s swimming.

The actor, son of megastar Clint, grew up in Hawaii and is a huge fan of surfing and other water-based activities. Even with his busy schedule the star manages to make time for his hobby, which also helps him switch off.

“It’s so peaceful,” he answered to German edition of Glamour magazine when asked how he feels underwater. “You’re alone with your thoughts and can get away from the bulls**t in your life – and there’s no paparazzi, unlike at the beach.”

Speaking of surfing, Scott compared it to flying, revealing how he feels like a bird when he glides across the water. He’s also not afraid to take some risks, especially enjoying the big waves he gets in Hawaii.

To escape the pressures of everyday life, Scott makes it his mission to find some secluded beaches. And when he meets the right woman, they might even prove useful as a romantic getaway.

“There are so many great secluded spots and I’ve managed to see a lot of them – in Indonesia, Mexico, Nicaragua… For me, the best beach is one where it’s just me and my dream woman,” he fantasised. “I’m not sure who she is, as I haven’t met her yet. But she loves the sea just as much as I do. And: she doesn’t take her mobile phone to the beach.”
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Sunday, 02. August 2015