Macy Gray's sex toy revolution

Macy Gray has spoken about her new sex toy-based song.

Macy Gray hopes women will be cruder after listening to her new song.

The American soul singer’s latest single B.O.B. sees her dip her toes into a new realm; sex toys. Her lyrics capture the sensations a lady feels while using one and although she knows it may not be taken seriously, Macy is hopeful it will encourage females to embrace themselves.

“[Women] have to be so private about [their sexuality] and their periods, whereas guys can just talk about their penises and whatever. Girls always have to be so ladylike about it. I hope girls can start talking… and just say the crudest stuff,” she told

“That was always the thing I’m worried about. I hope people listen to it and just love the song. I don’t know if when you write, your intention is to be important. You’re just doing your thing and you try to make it fantastic.”

Her animated video reflects the theme perfectly, with cartoon sex toys dancing about on a bed. Macy reasons every woman should have a “Bob” and that they shouldn’t be so quiet about their needs.

The 47-year-old is probably best known for her song I Try and has one of the most distinct voices in the industry.

She previously admitted she felt torn over her vocals and wasn’t sure how to handle it at first.

“I still see my voice as odd. It never went away,” she told Tell Me More. “I’m still in turmoil about my voice, but I feel very blessed that a lot of people like it, and that I’m able to sing at least good enough to, you know, do stuff like I Try and [Be My] Monster Love.”
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Sunday, 02. August 2015