5SOS: New tune is an anthem

5 Second Of Summer think their song She's Kinda Hot is an anthem for a generation.

5 Second Of Summer “really believe” in the message of their new track She’s Kinda Hot.

The Australian boy band consists of Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin, with the foursome enjoying the fame they gained after supporting One Direction during their Take Me Home Tour.

Their latest song She’s Kinda Hot is about a girlfriend who makes life difficult, but gets away with it because of her looks. The band hope it resonates with their fans.

“I think it has a really cool message behind it, and it’s not just another song,” Luke enthused to British magazine Heat. “We really believe in it. I think it’s more like a misfit statement – you don’t really have to fit in, you can kind of be whoever you want to be. I think it’s a song we would’ve wanted to hear growing up.”

Ashton added: “Yes, it’s an anthem.”

While many groups find long periods away from home of the most difficult thing to handle, 5SOS are all about playing shows. They even love their tour bus, not least because they all get along so well.

“The tour bus is great. We usually have 12 to 14 people onboard, so it’s like a little family, almost like a football team. The bad sides to touring are more like learning curves. [Actually], I don’t think there are bad sides to touring – it’s just learning how to be on the road. For example, you might not get to go outside for, like, a week,” Ashton explained.

Sometimes bands talk about each other’s filthy habits, which can get irritating when they are living in such close proximity. Not so for these lads, who insist they are all clean and considerate.

“I feel like, as a band, we’re pretty used to it by now. I mean, you can’t really be in a band with three other dudes who are your best friends and not really know everything weird about them,” Luke explained.
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Sunday, 02. August 2015