27 Rappers That Share Our Love For Pups

  • 27 Pictures Of Rappers And Puppies That Show Your Favorite MCs Need Love, Too >>>

  • 1. Nap time for Wiz.

  • 2. Almost can’t see the dog because 2Pac’s shirt is so loud.

  • 3. This dog doesn’t look too fancy, Iggy.

  • 4. One dog can change the world, just ask Big Sean.

  • 5. 50 Cent does not owe this dog money.

  • 6. Yeezus and Puppeezus.

  • 7. Is it me or is that dog trying to grab Meek’s watch?

  • 8. Nicki Minaj and a couple colorful beauties.

  • 9. Chris Brown’s soft friend shows his softer side.

  • 10. Drizzy and his canine cousin.

  • 11. Kinda looks like this dog just peed on T.I., right?

  • 12. French Montana has more fur than his furry friend.

  • 13. Riff Raff feeling wolfy.

  • 15. Ja Rule has his twins.

  • 16. Jim Jones also has twins.

  • 17. No love lost for Joe Budden and his pup.

  • 18. Waka’s smiling, why isn’t his dog?

  • 19. Chance cradling a little baby.

  • 20. A$AP Rocky and this little guy getting wild for the night.

  • 21. Pharrell is happy — is the pup?

  • 22. 2 Chainz and his dog are gonna be fresh as hell if the feds watching.

  • 23. What are Rich Homie Quan and this little guy looking at?

  • 24. Kid Ink’s got a computer companion

  • 25. This little guy’s trying to get as high as Curren$y.

  • 26. Does Ludacris shout “move bitch, get out the way” if this little lady is in front of him?

  • 27. Kisses for Casey Veggies.

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    Cause MC's need love too, right?!

    What do you think of when you think of your favorite rapper?

    Most probably, your imagining them at some bada** party, poppin’ them things and bottles, whilst lots, LOTS of bootyshaking is happening somewhere in the background, right?! Not that we wanting to sound cliche, but we just love that stuff what hip-hop videos are made of.

    >>> You Gotta Meet Vincent, Wiz Khalifa's Dog

    To keep a long story short, none of us would probably think about puppies, right?! At least not until you’ve seen this Instagram account called "@RappersWithPuppies ":http://instagram.com/rapperswithpuppies/- which lets us see our rapper faves in a whole new, very puppy-infused light. It shows us Drake, Nicki Minaj, Riff Raff and many more, posing with their furry little friends and it’s just to cute to be true.

    I mean, what’s not to love about loving man’s best friend? Time to get cozy. WOOF!

    Friday, 31. July 2015