Who Is The "Real" Zayn Malik?

    The newly-minted solo star says he wants to show us his 'real' self - and these clues will help us figure out who that is.

    We’ll never, ever forget the day, Zayn Malik announced his departure from One Direction – never ever forget – when he stated, that he now wants to be true to himself, live the life of a normal 22-year-old and eventually just wants to be the ‘real’ Zayn.

    Since then, we’ve impatiently been waiting to see the ‘real’ Zayn – or just more Zayn in general – so the guy left us wondering: Who is Zayn, REALLY?

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    Besides the mildly interesting trivia you could pick up from any fan site or image search – like his recent obsession with dying his hair and his adorable love of cats – there are a ton of deeper, more telling things you might not know about him yet. So before Z finally shows us his genuine self via what we hope will be some awesome new tunes – RCA Records man – let’s take a look at who we think the ‘real’ Zayn is.

    Thursday, 30. July 2015