We Can't Stop Shipping These Gay Disney Couples

Hercules and Aladdin FTW.

You haven’t heard about Tumblr user Dopey Beauty yet? Then listen up, cause this smart girl creates THE best GIFs ever, using our Disney faves to then implement them into modern situations.

Her Tumblr career rapidly took off after publishing the hilarious ‘Bitchy Aurora’ series, which reimagines Sleeping Beauty as a mean girl. In this artists world, Disney Princesses, T-Pain, Korra and Beyonce become actual High School Students, friends and eventually lovers.

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Her latest strike shows us a set of images, ‘The Disney Movie No One Asked For,’ where she’s putting pairs of Disney characters in same-sex relationships.

‘I remembered a 1999 episode of ’Hercules: The Animated Series’ where Hercules and Aladdin meet and thought about how it would be interesting to put them together as a couple,’ Dopey Beauty told BuzzFeed. ‘I had a lot of fun doing it.’

Take a look at each couple below. Jariel foreva!

Thursday, 30. July 2015