Azealia Banks: Aussie bloggers are too much

Azealia Banks has branded Australian men thirsty for her attention as she steps up her argument with the country.

Azealia Banks has majorly kicked off at Australian bloggers.

The singer is no stranger to Twitter spats, pulling no punches with Aussie native Iggy Azalea in December, when they fell out over Iggy’s lack of comment surrounding the shooting of black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson last August.

After branding Australian festival-goers violent and belligerent following her set at Byron Bay’s Splendour In The Grass on Saturday, Azealia escalated her beef.

“Wow these Australian blogger b***hes are riding my d**k from all the way down under. It’s almost like having my d**k sucked from the back.

“These men are always so thirsty for me and my attention. So I always make sure to spit in their mouths and let them swallow (sic),” she fumed on Twitter.

“And they are dragging it out for what ? I ALREADY HAVE YOUR MONEY !

“My money…. As a matter of fact.”

Things were made worse for Azealia over the weekend, when Australian radio presenter Paul ‘Browny’ Brown took a swipe at the singer’s performance. He asked his followers to congratulate the 24-year-old on finishing her set, after she only performed for 25 minutes at the festival in 2012, blaming technical issues at the time.

“I just wanna get my money, go the f**k home and cook some f**king fried chicken. I ain’t f**king wit’chall

“I know these hipster d**kheads all sitting around eating dingleberries out of each other’s ass and eating bugs out each other’s beards (sic),” she continued to rant.

However her aggressive mood seemingly passed after 30 minutes, and she got her game face back on.

“I too am itching for new Azealia Banks music. I can hear you guys thinking about whenever I fall asleep (sic),” she told her followers.
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Wednesday, 29. July 2015