20 One Direction Posters That Have No Chill

  • 20 One Direction Fan Posters That Have No Chill >>>

  • 1. 1D’s body parts are often involved…

  • 2. Everyone passionately dislikes Naughty Boy.

  • 3. Being a Directioner is expensive AF.

  • 4. Embarrassing throwbacks, ftw.

  • 5. Forever, understandably, salty towards Naughty Boy.

  • 6. Embracing Louis’ Daddy-Status.

  • 7. Harry’s Hair + Lyrics are always appreciated.

  • 8. 1D keeps fans ’up all night’ (pun intended).

  • 9. Everyone loves a good man-bun.

  • 10. Fans get a little revved up…

  • 11. You say, they do… well, most of the time.

  • 12. Eye-catching Haylor face swap.

  • 13. Some fans like to spill the truth tea.

  • 14. Requesting Harry Styles’ saliva.

  • 16. Bodily functions are encouraged.

  • 15. Harry girls show him loads of love and compassion.

  • 16. Niall goofily tripped, let’s all remind him.

  • 17. Sometimes you can’t settle for anyone other than Liam Payne.

  • 18. Not all 1D fans wants to marry them though…

  • 19. One Direction can do one of two things…

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    'Harry Spit On Me'

    It’s been a real rough one for the Directioners this year. Starting with the tragic departure of Zayn and (hopefully) ending with the still-unconfirmed baby daddy news of Louis, the fandom literally has been to hell and back.

    So of course, the everybody – including me – was in total need of expressing their very own emotional rollercoaster ride. And what could possibly be a better way, then to write ’em all down on a big ’ol cardboard, to then directly rub it into your idols face, right?!

    >>> The Most Accurate Signs Of True Love

    Know, that the sass level of a true Directioner can only be beaten by the with The Sassmasta Of Doncasta himself, Louis ‘The Tommo’ Tomlinson, you can be sure to see a wide range of posters been hold up at the latest 1D concerts – which range from LOL to super awk to OUCH.

    Of course, we’ve collected the best of the best in our picture gallery above.

    Wednesday, 29. July 2015