JLaw 'turns down Hoult's advances'

Nicholas Hoult’s ego was apparently wounded during an argument with Jennifer Lawrence.

Nicholas Hoult’s friends reportedly don’t know how he’ll handle working with Jennifer Lawrence on the new X-Men set.

Nicholas and Jennifer have been part of the Marvel universe since 2011’s First Class, which is where they met and fell in love.

After dating on and off for three years, they split for good last summer. Jennifer has continuously been linked to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin since, but that apparently didn’t stop Nicholas from declaring his feelings for her during a recent dinner at Comic-Con to promote the upcoming mutant flick, Apocalypse. However he was allegedly rebuffed in a restaurant full of customers.

“After Comic-Con, it’s going to be interesting to see how they handle working so closely. Jen is a professional, but it’s hard to say how Nick and his wounded ego will fare having to act alongside her in such tight quarters,” a source told US Star magazine.

The rumour of an argument comes amid reports the ex-lovers were getting on like a house on fire during filming. Sources reveal they often lunch together, with one insider even commenting that they appeared to have fallen back into old ways.

“They have become inseparable. Nic and Jen have frequently been seen in close conversation, and linking arms during breaks in scenes. In many ways, they’re falling into old patterns,” a source recently told British magazine Grazia.

“At one stage Jen talked about plans for Chris to visit the set in late June, but in recent weeks she’s barely mentioned him.”
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Monday, 27. July 2015