Chris Brown leaves Philippines

Chris Brown is leaving the Philippines after being detained there for three days.

Chris Brown has finally been allowed to leave the Philippines.

The singer had been detained in Manila for three days, following his cancellation of a New Year’s Eve concert, which he claimed was because he couldn’t find his passport. The show was organised by a company run by members of an influential religious group, and they filed a fraud complaint after he performed in the country on Tuesday.

Chris has now obtained a certificate that granted him leave, with Immigration Bureau spokeswoman Elaine Tan explaining the decision.

“[Clearance was given after] verifying that Chris Brown has no other derogatory record apart from the (immigration lookout bulletin) [that was issued Wednesday].

“Departure formalities will be implemented by immigration officers at the airport,” she told Page Six.

Chris obtained the right documents at the bureau’s extension office – not the main office where many journalists were waiting outside.

Chris uploaded a video to his Instagram showing himself walking towards the plane and encouraged fans to check out his show in China tonight.

“Manila it was fun, I love ya’ll man. You’re free to come to Macau, and party tonight. Turn up!” he told the camera.

Chris uploaded another video earlier this week, where he got down on his knees and begged to be let out of the country. He captioned the video “OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!”, but has since deleted it.

The 26-year-old’s travel troubles came just a week after his Californian home was broken in to by armed robbers, who held his aunt at gun point. It’s been suggested that the thieves are people Chris knows well.
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Friday, 24. July 2015