Happy 5th BDAY One Direction

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  • 1. T-shirts and Timbs: Does everyone but Louis have eyeliner on? This 2010 guyliner phase is not brought up enough any more, TBH.

  • 2. Suits and… no ties: Please note how baggy all their pants are.

  • 3. Suits and… three ties (getting there).

  • 4. 6 shades of gray: Getty Images They begin coordinating by color in late 2010. First up: gray.

  • 5. What makes them beautiful: Here the guys showed off the key pieces they’d later be known for—Harry in a blazer, Louis in suspenders, and Zayn in plaid.

  • 6. White shoe crew: Red carpet game gets stronger in 2011—also, Liam’s curls are bigger than Harry’s.

  • 7: Matchy in maroon an Niall had his old teeth. Never forget.

  • 8. ’Up All Night’ uniform: Remember these performance outfits, Directioners? Yeah, me too.

  • 9. Grayscale: Again with the gray, here in early 2012! Hi, Harry in a three-piece suit.

  • 10. ’Today Show’ debut

  • 11. New color coordination: Don’t mind me, just weeping at Louis’ suspenders and Harry’s bow tie.

  • 12. ’SNL’ studs: After this, pants start getting darker, so savor those red bad boys while you still can.

  • 13. Men in black: Getty Images Harry’s bow tie is gone, Louis’ suspenders are getting thinner, and Zayn is in a leather jacket on a red carpet. That’s a look you can get used to, for sure.

  • 14. Mixed bag: For the 2012 VMAs (their first!), all four go fairly formal—especially for the VMAs—while Niall opts for a sweater. Zayn also debuts his blonde-tipped ’do.

  • 15. Blue beauties: They change for their VMA performance and look as coordinated as ever in blue.

  • 16. Short hair, don’t care:Liam shows off his shaved head and Zayn’s hair continues to be blonde. Niall, once again, is more casual than anyone else.

  • 17. ’Today Show,’ take two: The guys keep up the ~formal~ vibe for their second appearance on The Today Show in late 2012 and look perfectly put together—not too much, but definitely not too little.

  • 18. JK, back to formal: For the 2013 Brit Awards, they all go formal—even Niall!—in matching monochrome. Zayn’s bow tie—literally, it’s made of ribbon—lives in our collective memory and Harry switches the direction of his hair from sideways to up. Goodbye, old side swept friend.

  • 19. Dressed up dolls: Their dolls come out in the summer of 2013, and comparatively, it’s obvious just how much their ~lewk~ has changed in under three years.

  • 20. Harry in a hat. Also, pants are finally getting tight. Real tight.

  • 21. This is them: At the premiere of This Is Us—their first movie—they’re once again all in black and white. Louis’ pants remain as cuffed as ever.

  • 22. ’Today Show,’ take three: Their differing styles become evident on their third Today Show appearance, a sacred stage where they all used to match, like, to the extreme.

  • 23. Very VMA: Getty Images For the 2013 VMAs, the guys get comfortable with the laid-back vibe. I would argue this is also one of their best looks, but that’s just me.

  • 24. #1 fans of black pants: By November of 2013 they all have different jackets and patterns on, but one thing is for sure: they’re all very into tight jeans now.

  • 25. ’Good Morning America,’ goodbye color: Harry’s hair starts growing up rather than out, and there is virtually nothing common between their outfits. Well, minus their go-to black pants.

  • 26. Sparkly shoes for ’SNL’: For their second performance on Saturday Night Live in early 2014, they all keep up the tight pants theme. Also, Harry wore sparkly shoes.

  • 27. ’Where We Are,’ style-wise: For their third tour, the guys ditched any uniforms and wore whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted.

  • 28. ’Four’ fashion: For their fourth appearance on The Today Show, things are all over the place and, LBR, that’s how we like ’em.

  • 29. Baes in black: At the 2014 American Music Awards, they were coordinated once again by color—black. Harry wore his fave hat on the carpet, inspiring Quaker Oats memes for days.

  • 30. Leather n’ man buns: For their third appearance on SNL, Harry brought his hat along again and introduced us to a style we’d be seeing a lot of—sheer shirts. Since his hair was in a hat, Zayn took on Harry’s man bun duties.

  • 31. Blazer squad: For their first red carpet as a foursome—my heart, it breaks—the guys matched in blazers, though each add his own ~flare~. My fave is Liam’s printed scarf, but Louis in rolled pants will always have a special place in my heart.

  • 32. Harry’s #impact: By the spring of 2015, Harry’s style influence on the rest of the band was undeniable. Printed shirts? Check. Deeply unbuttoned? Check. A wide-brimmed hat? Check. If they all suddenly get into extremely sheer shirts, we won’t complain. <3

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    It's been incredible 5 years.

    As a true Directioner, we of course know, that it’s One Direction’s fifth anniversary day/week/year. Anyways, it’s been five incredible years since our favorite lads were put together on the X Factor and, subsequently, the best five years of my life, TBH.

    The lads have come a long way since 2010, and the following 32 photos illustrate just how drastically their look has transformed since they started. From baggies, to skinny jeans, from curls, to man buns, hats ‘n blazers, basically from fetus to hunky men, you’ll see everything your 1D heart desires in our style file gallery above. And yes, Zayn is included (still in our hearts Zayn).

    Let’s do this thang and once again, Happy Birthday lads!

    Friday, 24. July 2015