Read What Google Autofill Has To Say About Miley & Co.

  • 21 Times Google Autofill Said The Weirdest S—t About Miley, Taylor, 1D, Ariana And More >>>

  • 1. Taylor Is None Of These Things (Except Awesome)

  • 2. One Direction Love Everyone, Okay? <3

  • 3. Clearly You’ve Never Seen Fifth Harmony

  • 4. Repeat After Me: Ariana Grande Can Sing, And Maybe Juggle

  • 5. Apparently Ginger Jokes Never Get Old...

  • 6. Why Do Any Of Us Cry, Really?

  • 7. Nobody’s Perfect, Not Even The Biebs

  • 8. No, yes, no, pass, pass again, seems like it, see previous, maybe, yes, we don’t think so.

  • 9. We Like How You Flipped Those Jason DeRulo Lyrics

  • 10. Okay, These 5SOS Questions Are Just Creepy

  • 11. We Would Totally Play Minecraft With Miley

  • 12. Is Sam Smith British? Does The Queen Live In A Palace?

  • 13. First Of All, Tony Bennett Is Happily Married

  • 14. Can He Sing? Seriously?

  • 15. Wait, So Katy Perry Is Thor’s Sworn Enemy?

  • 16. There’s A Thin Line Between (Fall Out Boy) Love And Hate And You Just Stepped All Over It

  • 17. Bruno Mars Sings And Talks Just Like The Rest Of You, Duh

  • 18. Nicki’s As Real As It Gets

  • 19. We All Have Flaws

  • 20. What Does She Do? What Does That Even Mean?

  • 21. Of All The Things You Wanna Know About Adam Levine…

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    What if Miley Cyrus was a lion? Well, what if?

    No doubt, we’re all kind of pro’s when it comes to our favorite pop stars. I mean, who needs Google to know, that Rihanna pretty much just wears pajamas everywhere now, Taylor Swift has basically dueted with everyone and Miley Cyrus is gonna crush it as host of the 2015 VMAs.

    >>> 2015 MTV VMA: Nominations

    But sometimes, you just need a little update, so you ask Google for help, and then, when you let autocomplete work its magic, seriously, the weirdest things come up. Check out what happens when you plug these 21 names in and wait for the results.

    Friday, 24. July 2015