10 Things Music Videos Get Wrong About Clubbing

    Are you rolling up in a limo or walking from the subway station?

    You look the best you’ve ever looked – of course you do- then you immediately make eye contact with the hottest person in the room, and you’re somehow not sweaty at all by the end of the night. Is this a dream or are you suddenly part of some music video about clubbing? (Answer: the latter.)

    Don’t get us wrong, you always look flawless, just like Queen Bey herself whilst participating at the “real life clubbing” – you def do – but lets be honest, by the end of the night, we either end up puking, settling for a stranger you’d generously dub a 6, or sweat out what’s equivalent to the number of shots you took.

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    But whatever, right? These are just music videos. Not real life!
    But still. We somehow seriously felt the need to sum up what music videos get wrong about clubbing. Check it out in our gallery above.

    Tuesday, 21. July 2015