20 Pictures of 1D With Children

...that will make "everything" okay again.

Whilst we’re all still waiting for some actual confirmation from Louis Tomlinson himself, that he is definitely having a baby with Briana Jungwirth, his 5SOS pal, Ashton Irwin has all done it for him already.

The Aussie drummer recently told the Sun, that the mini Louis will ‘never be hard up’ and enter into a loving family.

‘It’s a beautiful thing. Childbirth is awesome,’ Ashton said.
‘If it came from a one night thing, who cares? The way it’s being dealt with is cool.’

Adding: ‘The kid’s being brought into a great position. He’s never going to be hard up. He’s going to brought up in a loving situation.’

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But how will the 23-year-old fair as a dad? ‘Louis will step up to the challenge.’

So uhm, is this like official now?! COULD SOMEONE – i’m speaking to you Louis – PLEASE EXPLAIN ALL OF THIS FOR ONCE.

To ease the wait, we’ve collected some tremendously gorgeous snaps of One Direction with children in our picture gallery above (ovaries explode).

Friday, 17. July 2015