Are You Being Catfished?

Find out the truth here!

To say it with Fred Flintstones words, Yabba Dabba Doo peeps, ’cause Nev and Max from MTV's Catfish, return to your screens. Naturally, they not only return with plenty of – and of course – incredible stories, nope, the two will also be on the hunt for catfish again.

And as there are plenty of (cat)fish out there, in this sea, which we call the internet, there’s no doubt, that Nev and Max will be one adventurous mission this season.

That’s why, always beware, to whom you spreading all the love you have to give virtually, cause you never know, if you’re being played by a catfish or not…

Wanna know for sure? Take our quiz and eventually find out the truth about your hopefully significant other!

Tune in for a whole new season of Catfish, July 19th, only on MTV! Stay tuned and tune in.

Thursday, 16. July 2015