Jen An 'playing matchmaker for Ed and Selena'

Ed Sheeran and Selena Gomez reportedly looked completely at ease with each other during a recent date.

Ed Sheeran and Selena Gomez have reportedly been set up by Jennifer Aniston.

The British singer is known to be good pals with the former Friends star, having previously spent the Thanksgiving holiday with her. Now it seems Jennifer has been instrumental in helping Ed move on from his split with Athina Andrelos, who he broke up with in March.

“Jen’s known Ed for years, after Courteney Cox introduced them. She shares a manager with Selena,” an insider told British magazine Heat.

Things seem to be going well for Ed and Selena, with the pair spotted enjoying a meal together at Wokcano in Santa Monica at the end of last month. Eagle-eyed onlookers were excited to see the pair together, especially as they looked so relaxed and happy with one another.

“They were there before I was, and were still there when I left,” fellow diner Jordan Marshall told the publication. “They ordered multiple plates of sushi and edamame. They shared a bottle of red wine and seemed to be happy, because they were talking the whole time. The waiter even dropped one of their sushi plates on the floor and Ed was very cool about it and was helping pick it up. Selena seemed to be leaning in towards Ed.”

The British singer spent US holiday Thanksgiving with Jennifer in 2013, after calling a friend who was at the bash and scoring an invite. He had a brilliant time, previously admitting that he got a little too carried away with the alcohol and had to take some time out.

“At Jennifer Aniston’s I passed out. Her house is crazy – she has these big steps that you walk down to a pool,” he said.

“I’d drunk a bit too much, needed the time out and… lay on one of the beds outside the pool and passed out there.”

But Selena might have competition, as The Irish Mirror reports Ed is actually getting cosy with reality TV star Louise Johnston.

“Louise and Ed have been friends for years but now they have become a lot closer. They are constantly in touch, even when he is on tour, but he is coming here soon for a gig in Dublin and they will be able to catch up then,” a source claimed.

“Friends and family now know, so it is out there. Louise really cares about him and it’s going very well.”
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Friday, 10. July 2015