The Beat Of Norway | 9.0

TIme to put Norway into the limelight.

Whilst we’ve been partying away in Kristiansand at Palmesus, the Norwegian music scene has definitely been busy! So I guess it’s time, to enjoy ALL the new music from our truly amazing Norwegian acts, right?

Aleksander With – Better
One of our favorite Idol-winners is back, with nothing less then a brand spanking new single! The song, ‘Better’, is definitely one of With’s best work so far. It’s a beautiful power ballad with a dreamy production. Definitely go and check out the music video below.

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MS MR – Painted (Lindstrøm Remix)
Watch out, cause one of Norway’s finest producers/remixers is at it again. Lindstrøm was the one, who turned MS MR’s ‘Painted’ into one housy club number. Lindstrøm’s magic touch just never goes wrong, and this track is yet another proof of that. You’re a fan of MS MR? Well, then consider yourself lucky, cause they are playing at Parkteatret in Oslo on September 10th. Get your tickets! 

Listen to the remix below, and let the beat take over your body! 

Sondre Justad – Tilbake
With already two singles behind him, Sondre is so ready to serve us another catchy Norwegian jam. Althogh, ‘Tilbake’ takes the tempo down a bit, the production builds up, as soon as the chorus kicks in, which gives us quite the addictive hook. Now, that we’ve listened to ‘Tilbake’, we are definitely getting more and more excited bout his forthcoming debut album. Stay tuned.

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CLMD – Did It Again Ft. Nocando
Well, this was pretty unexpected! You probably all remember, that we actually just featured the other half of CLMD, that is Carl Louis, right?! And now, out of nowhere, there’s a new CLMD-track on the market, which BTW is also the very first time, Martin Danielle is going all solo. Well, of course he’s not all by himself, as no one less then Nocando serves as the featured artist on the track. And yes, it may be a totally different sound, then the one we we were used to, but nevertheless we have to admit, it’s VERY infectious. With it’s HipHop-vibe, mostly due to the rapping by Nocando, the guys totally got us. So of course, we can absolutely see this one becoming a major hit. I mean, that chorus just deserves to be blasted out loudly! 

Here’s the video directed by Tobias Frøystad 

Gabrielle – Mellom Skyene (Video)
Gabrielle’s banger hit, ‘Mellom Skyene’ is still stuck on repeat, and now she’s even gone ahead, with releasing an equally brilliant video to it. Generally speaking, Gabrielle has really been giving it all in her latest videos, and this one is really no exception. Brilliiant fact, it appears to be shot in one take, which gives the video a totally authentic feel. We just love watching her rave along the stage. You basically just wanna join her, dancing to the this one crazy catchy chorus, right?  We definitely do!

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A-Lee -Rainbow (Video)
At first, you’d might think that a song titled ‘Rainbow’ would have to have a really colorful video to go along with. But (of course) A-Lee came up with quite the opposite idea, and produced a very visually tasteful, black-and-white video for this one incredibly feel-good track. 

Watch it below and try not to get a ear-worm.

Written by Erik Rydning

Friday, 10. July 2015