11 Times Celebs & Brands Had Twitter-Beef

  • 11 Times Celebs And Brands Beefed On Twitter >>>

  • 1. Nicki Minaj vs. IHOP: Nicki is not amused.

  • 2. Chrissy Teigen vs. United Airlines: Feed me.

  • 3. Cara Delevingne vs. Instagram: Cara is one of many (including Chrissy) who want Instagram to just #FreeTheNipple already.

  • 4. Ariana Grande vs. P&O Ferries: Don’t mess with Ari’s pets.

  • 5. Kim Kardashian vs. British Airways: There’s already enough headaches with flying.

  • 6. Iggy Azalea vs. Papa John’s: Probably don’t go passing around a celeb’s number?

  • 7. Iggy Azalea vs. Steve Madden: Listen, we all want to be happy with the pictures that we take, right?

  • 8. Pharrell vs. Arby’s: I would love to start a roast beef right now.

  • 9. Nick Jonas vs. CrossFit: Nicki Jonas was less than pleased with a joke CrossFit made about Diabetes — and particularly that they didn’t distinguish between Type 1 and Type 2.

  • 10: Kevin Smith vs. Southwest Airlines: Airlines stay losing.

  • 12. Alton Brown vs. United Airlines: Celebrity chef Alton Brown does not like sitting on the floor.

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    We love social media.

    The so called ‘Twitter-beef’ has definitely become ‘a thing’ lately. And that, not just since, Ex- One Direction's Zayn Malik took a painful virtual jab against his former (band)mate Louis Tomlinson, remember? That really hurt our eyes and souls guys. Anyways, b****ing at each other via Twitter, has unfortunately become a kind of ‘normal’ thing, especially when it comes to our celeb faves.

    But, it’s not only the feuding at each other, that’s trending, nope. ‘Twitter-beef’, has now reached a whole new level, as it somehow also ‘encourages’ airing out some frustrations towards a brand. And that, actually happens kind of frequently.

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    Not all of the above examples should technically be categorized as ‘beef’. Some are critical. Some are playful. And some are just plain funny. Anyways, click through our ‘beefy’ gallery above. You’ll notice, we like our steak’s rare.

    Friday, 10. July 2015