The 19 Sassiest Judge Geordie Moments

  • 19 Of The Sassiest Things Vicky Has Said On “Judge Geordie” >>>

  • 1. That's Vicky and "that's" what she does on Judge Geordie...

  • 2. She's basically ALWAYS on point.

  • 3. Also, we truly love her slightly weird catchphrases.

  • 4. For example, when she spoke to a girl who said her boyfriend had cheated on her 20 times.

  • 5. When she was dealing with a man who was concerned about how his brother was acting.

  • 6. After she talked to a mother who was accused of spending more time with her new boyfriend than her own daughter.

  • 7. During an argument between a couple over an addiction to lip enhancements.

  • 8. After meeting a rich guy who wanted to date a girl but couldn’t because her sister didn’t like him.

  • 9. But then Vicky learned from the sister that he sleeps with prostitutes and likes to take part in sex parties.

  • 10. And forced Vlad, the girl he likes, and her sister to talk, and offered Vlad this ultimatum.

  • 11. When she was dealing with a guy who desperately wanted to be famous despite not having any talent.

  • 12. But she couldn’t convince him that desperately trying to be famous wasn’t a good idea.

  • 13. And unfortunately, she couldn’t make his relationship work.

  • 14. She argued with a drag act who was unhappy that friends didn’t like her show. Vicky agreed with them that the act was poor.

  • 15. She really didn’t like the drag queen, or her act.

  • 16a. When an argument between brothers led to one of them walking off in a huff, with Vicky in tow.

  • 16b...

  • 17. After solving a dispute between mates who hadn’t talked in a while – one of whom hadn’t told the other that he was a secret webcam model.

  • 18. And after she solved a difficult tanning dilemma.

  • 19. It’s just a shame that there aren’t that many episodes left in the current series. It’s a right shame.

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    Vicky just always lays it on the line....

    Hands down lads and lasses. We’ve all already declared our endless love for Vicky Pattison and her ‘big mouth’ (but true words) since the day she entered the Geordie Shore house. And now, that our first lady has her own show running on our channel – Judge Geordie it is – everything seems to be right in the world again. Cause yes, Queen V is the law and she decides, wether what’s right or wrong! So you better watch out for the duchess of sassyness and the source of all wisdom, Miss Vicky Pattison.

    >>> Watch Judge Geordie

    Tune in on Judge Geordie, Sundays, 22:00 only on MTV and check out on Queen V’s sassiest moments (so far) in our picture gallery above!

    Friday, 10. July 2015