Samira Wiley: Fame took me by surprise

Samira Wiley is still "getting used to" all the fans she has thanks to Orange Is the New Black.

Samira Wiley was amazed when people started to “hug and kiss” her in the street.

The 28-year-old plays the popular Poussey Washington in Orange Is the New Black and won over hoards of fans thanks to her fun double act with on-and-off-screen pal Danielle Brooks, who plays Tasha ‘Taystee’ Jefferson.

Samira’s role has become increasingly bigger over the seasons and she can’t believe how many people have taken to her character.

“Walking down the street [now] is such a different thing than walking down the street two years ago,” she admitted to British magazine Diva.

“People come up to me all the time and they wanna hug me and kiss me and give me love and it’s still something that I’m trying to get used to.”

Even when Samira landed the role she didn’t give up her day job at a bar. But when people started recognising her more and more, her friends encouraged her to quit.

“They said to me, ‘Samira, what are you doing? You need to quit this job,’” she laughed. “Like, ‘We really think this acting thing might work out for you. Stop bartending!’”

Of course with her new-found fame comes the constant attention. Samira admits she is still a “baby” when it comes to that part of her life.

“I’m trying to draw the line of what is mine,” she explained. “What I shouldn’t, and I won’t, share with the world because I need to have parts that are just mine and figure out the delineation between my public life and what I keep private – just for my own sanity.”
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Sunday, 05. July 2015