11 Celebrity Couples We Shamelessly Ship

  • 1. Ed Sheeran & Selena Gomez: This is a new entry, but still, we'd definitely ship Sheerena <3

  • 2. Larry Stylinson aka Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. An all-time classic. We won't give our hopes up. NEVER!

  • 3. Jaden Smith & Kylie Jenner = Jylie. Look at how cute they are together!

  • 4. Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert. The fact that Nina Dobrev quit the show that gave us Delena is a crime, and we don't think we'll ever recover.

  • 5. Sweeran: Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift. While we love that their friendship is the cutest thing ever, we can't help but hope they'll have extremely talented babies together one day (soz, Calvin).

  • 6. Ariana Grande & Niall Horan: The 1D singer and pint-sized pop princess may be 'just friends' for now, but they would make a seriously cute couple!

  • 7. Jennifer Lawrence & Liam Hemsworth: All we want is for J-Law and Liam to get together and be goofy and funny and cute together ALL DAY LONG.

  • 9: Seth Cohen & Blair Waldorf: Gossip Girl and The OC ruled TV screens in the noughties, but fast forward to 2015 and our absolute favourite characters merged their shows together and formed the ultimate telly couple. And they've got a mini Cohen on the way! Total life goals.

  • 10: We really, really, really, really, really like Jendall, and we need this weeding to happen! Common guys!

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    ...because we're only human.

    Ship: Noun – Short for romantic relationship, popularized in fanfiction circles. Verb – To endorse a romantic relationship.

    Harry and Louis, Ed and Taylor, Niall and Ariana These are all people, that have a dedicated fandom behind them, crossing their fingers and hoping that one day, they’d just get together already.

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    So of course, we had to come up with an ultimate list of our all-time favorite ‘couples’, who we wish would just see sense and just be together forever. Or maybe, we’ve just got ‘tumblrized’…

    Thursday, 02. July 2015