MTV First Listen: Cody Simpson - Free

Listen to Cody Simpson's new album 'free' in full right here.

Australian singer-songwriter Cody Simpson is days away from releasing his third studio album Free and we’ve got it in its entirety to bring to you!

His first LP since parting with Warner Atlantic last year, Simpson said in a recent interview with Billboard of the LPs title it’s ‘sort of symbolic for me. I’m 18 years old. It’s symbolic for my independence and my freedom, especially now after leaving [Atlantic] and being free in that sense. It’s the perfect title for where I’m at at the moment and what this project means to me.’

On going independent he added: ’I’m more excited than apprehensive. I love a challenge. When we played the other night, obviously there was a portion of women, a portion of girls, but there were so many dudes, like, smoking J’s and enjoying the music. That’s sort of exactly what I want to see and it’s so fulfilling to see everyone enjoying the music for the music as opposed to, like, preconceived notions because of my age or what ever. To see it in speed-motion is so cool.’

Packed with summer-tinged tunes, check out the full album stream, first with MTV here…

Thursday, 02. July 2015