11 Signs Your A Damn Good Bad Influence

  • 11 Signs You’re Way Too Good At Being A Bad Influence >>>

  • 1. Your social circle is always hungover

  • 2. No one takes your advice

  • 3. You’re a credit card company’s best friend…

  • 4. …and a diet’s worst enemy

  • 5. Your friends have you to thank for their stupid tattoos

  • 6. You have “a guy”

  • 7. You’re a notorious Tinder hijacker

  • 8. You’ve drawn one or more penises on one or more faces

  • 9. Drama always finds you

  • 10. There’s a drink somewhere named after you

  • 11. It takes a LOT for you to tell someone they’ve crossed the line

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    Every friend group has one. And you're it for yours.

    We’ve all had them, made excuses for them and yes, at times, even been them. Bad influences are a semi-destructive yet super-fun reality of friendships, and some of us are the best at being the worst.

    That doesn’t necessarily make you a toxic pal; it just means your gift of getting into trouble is also your friends’ occasional curse. Here are the classic 11 signs that you’re a little too good at being bad!!!

    Tuesday, 30. June 2015