BFF Alert: Zayn Malik Hangs With Kanye & Joe Jonas

    Also, Zayn Malik makes rare public appearance (twice) at the most unexpected places.

    Ever since Zayn Malik left One Direction – because yeah, he wanted to be a ‘normal’ 22-year-old – the lad somehow kept avoiding the spotlight. His last public appearance, happened something around March, when Zayn showed up at the Asian Music Awards, with even receiving a prize. Of course, Zayn kept us updated with all of his hair colors – on a real regular basis – but we didn’t see a ‘real life’ Malik for a veeeery long time now (sad face).

    But our lack of Zayn, rapidly changed since June 24th, as Mr. Malik himself, unexpectedly showed up at the Valentino Spring 2015 men’s fashion show. UM, WHAT?!? BTW, it was *Zayn’*s first fashion show. Front row at your first show – good job boi.

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    But wait for it, cause seemingly, Zayn must have got a taste of the fashion biz, as he then casually dropped by at Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2015 men’s fashion show – first row again – only a few days later, also sitting next to Kanye and Joe Jonas. I mean, what does the world cost?

    Not enough, as the new holy trinity of fashion, where also showing off some serious BFFness that day, when Joe summed up all our feelings on there hangout sesh in a one-word caption ‘#SQUAD’.

    Can you imagine these three hanging out again? Can you imagine if, IDK, they all were in a campaign or something together?

    Until all of our campaign dreams are realized, we’ll hope the holy trinity hangs front row at another show – more photos like this NEED to exist.

    Friday, 26. June 2015