16 Celeb Tears That'll Make Any Fragrance Work


Since our all time faves, One Direction (finally) released their new fragrance, we’ve been having some serious thoughts on the one ‘secret’ ingredient.

If you have seen the ad – if not, you rather go and watch it now – you most probably know that the lads overcame any possible border, from the highest mountain, to the deepest ocean, they even went to “space” – and nothing could come between them and the perfect scent.

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And no, it’s not some flower or ‘out of space’ apricot which makes ‘Between Us’ the probably best perfume ever, nope, it’s Niall’s tear. Yup, this is not a drill, the Niallster shed a tear get the bands new fragrance on fleek.

So, we thought, some of the other celebs should give that kind of technic another thought, as some of them like shedding ‘some’ tears anyways.

Check out our ultimate ‘Cry Baby’ gallery above!

Friday, 26. June 2015