#TBT: When Our Celeb Faves Were Kiddies

  • #TBT: Check out our cutest snapshots when our celeb faves where kiddy's >>>

  • This is Lucy Hale's 1st B-Day.

  • OMG - Look at Zac Efron!!!!

  • Maghan Trainor cuddling with Dad.

  • Selena Gomez as mini beauty queen.

  • Niallster looking cuter then everrrrr.

  • Those Harry Styles dimples were always cute, basically since day one.

  • Louis Tomlinson always had a STRONG selfie game.

  • Yup, that's cutie pie Kendall Jenner on the right.

  • You won't believe it... that's Victorias Secret supermodel and Swifty's BFF, Karlie Kloss.

  • Geezus... those cheeks. Miley Cyrus with her grandpa.

  • The Knowles sisters. Soooo cute....

  • That's Ariana Grande (without a ponytail).

  • Gigi Hadid basically looks the same.

  • Here we a have a young Demi Levato.

  • Selena Gomez and her momma bear.

  • Look at cool Cara there.

  • Drake as a mini-rapper.

  • Emma Roberts so so pretty already.

  • Here we have a very blonde and young Justin Bieber.

  • Lorde and her sisters. So cute!

  • Here we have 12 year old Taylor Swift! Those braids...

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    Do you recognize Miley & Co ?

    As it’s Thursday, we’re totally up for some #TBT news again. Today we wanna take you way back in time. Back to the days, when Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift were still kiddies.

    So, we went through (stalked) all of their Insta accounts to come up with one giant gallery of their cutest kiddy snapshots.

    Check it out above!

    Thursday, 25. June 2015