12 Celebs That Have Their Own Barbie Dolls

    ...just in case you want to add them to your selection up in your attic.

    In 1959, at the American Art Toy Fair in New york City, Mattel, for the first time ever, presented the Barbie doll to the world. In the decades since then, Barbie’s become one of the most famous dolls ever, rocking thousands of iconic (mostly pink) outfits, over the course of more than 130 career changes.

    She even made some high-profile celebrity friends along the way. Yup, some of our faves – I totes have Beyonce – get to hang in her Dreamhouse.

    So definitely go and check – in our picture gallery above – which celebs Barbie dolls are still missing in your (secret) collection.

    Monday, 29. June 2015