Ashley Tisdale’s marriage memories

Ashley Tisdale feels great about turning 30 next month.

Ashley Tisdale says marriage feels very natural.

The High School Musical star tied the knot with Christopher French in September last year. As their first anniversary approaches, the 29-year-old took a moment to reflect on her marriage so far.

“It feels quick but it doesn’t feel like there’s a timeline, it’s just something that’s very natural, so it’s great,” she told People magazine.

The couple married in an intimate ceremony in Santa Barbara, California. Ashley remembers it raining in nearby Los Angeles but while some brides would have freaked out about it potentially ruining her day, she described herself as a “calm bride”.

“Unfortunately my grandfather had passed away a couple of years ago and my aunt who was supposed to attend and I was just like ‘please I hope you’re able to see this from up above,’” she remembered. “And it was so beautiful, the sun was out and people were shocked that came down from LA and they were like ‘oh my gosh’ and I just felt like they were present there as well.”

Another element of her wedding day that she will never forget was that there was something of an astronomical anomaly that night.

“People thought that we’d literally made the day for the super moon,” she laughed. “But no it was very coincidental but something I’ll always remember.”

Before Ashley can toast her anniversary with Christopher, she has the small matter of turning 30 to attend to on July 2. While many people freak out at the milestone, the blonde beauty is taking it all in her stride.

“I feel great, I feel really great,” she insisted. “It’s weird because like I feel young, and people think I’m younger so it’s weird to be thinking that I’m turning 30. But I feel like I’m married and I have a lot going on, so I couldn’t be happier.”
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Tuesday, 23. June 2015