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It's time to put Norway in the limelight.

The Norwegian music scene has literally been on fire lately. Numerous hit machines, such as Donkeyboy returned, Sandra Lyng even want’s us to play her drum, and Tooji makes a bold move against the church in his new music video ‘Father’. And that’s just a few. So definitely keep reading, not only to catch up on the latest, but also get a read of our little chit-chat with OMVR, who is finally back with a brand new single! 

OMVR – Dawn After The Night
We’ve been yearning after more music from OMVR. after his superb single ‘Hold You Back’ was released earlier this year, we just couldn’t wait for the next single to drop. ‘Dawn After The Night’, is finally here and in our opinion it already sounds like a hit machine. It has this groovy feeling to it, which fits perfectly fits to it’s delicious vocals. There is nothing left to say, that Norway really needed an artist like Omvr, as his sound is so refreshing but also brings music to another level!  

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We figured, it would be best to get OMVR to describe his latest song himself, so yeah, here he is, describing ‘Dawn After The Night’ in his own words.

‘I am incredibly proud of this song! After spending the month of May in a hospital bed I am incredibly ready to share this track for the summer. The process of creating the song was very inspiring. Both how we recorded the vocals, also from songwriter perspective. The song was written by Varren Wade and myself, and produced by Filip Kollsete and Aksle Carlson. A perfect summer anthem that I hope will make the summer a little better!’

>>> Listen to ‘Dawn After Night’ HERE

Donkeyboy – Downtown
Hell YEAH, Donkeyboy is back with a bang. This time with the solid vocals from Gunhild Kristoffersen, who nevertheless is one of Susanne Sundfør’s backing singers. ‘Downtown’ is yet another insanely infectious pop hit, written by and with Tor Erik Hermansen from Stargate. To be honest, we’re already having a hard time not playing this tune on re-pe-pe-pe-pe-peat as our gal Selena Gomez would say. 

>>> Check it out for yourself on Spotify!

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Carl Louis – Apogee Feat. Pav
It only feels like seconds, since CLMD called it splitts, and Martin Danielle and Carl Louis went separate ways. Carl played at ByLarm earlier this year, which really raised the expectations for what we could expect from his solo music. His debut single ‘Apogee’, has now finally arrived, and it definitely lives up to the hype. It is a dreamy production, with just enough vocals to it to make it one of these really catchy tune and instant favorite of ours. We can’t wait to blast this one a hot summer day! 

>>> First listen HERE

Sandra Lyng – Play My Drum
Sandra is really giving her all this time around, as ‘Play My Drum’, her new single, is already an obvious contender for song of the summer. Now imagine a sound, similar to Adelen’s ‘Bombo’, mashed up with a painfully addictive saxophone. The track could be a bit unconventional, but there’s no denying that its catchy AF. And that, is exactly what we all ask for from a summer hit, right? Fun fact, the song, was written by our very own Tooji, who just released a new single himself. But that’s something, will get to later. 

>>> So first, take a look at this steaming hot music video below!

Sinsenfist – Finni Mæ Sjæl
This might be a bit of a genre by itself, as Sinsenfist music refers to being acoustic Hip Hop. Their latest single ‘Finni Mæ Sjæl’ is a smooth guitar-driven track, with a fresh dose of their signature Sinsefist-lyrics. We certainly have a feeling, that these guys are onto something VERY special! Watch out for it!

>>> Take a good listen, here on Spotify

Skinny Days – Alright Right Now
We still can’t stop raving about Skinny Days’ single ‘Alright Right Now’, and now, we also and finally have a video to go along with! Take a look at these crazy creepy visuals for this amazingly infectious track. 

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Tooji – Father
This release, has definitely sent some shockwaves throughout Norway. ‘Father’, is part of a creative project of Tooji, in which he comes out as being gay. Something, we obviously salute him for! The track, has a somewhat strange chorus line, which doesn’t really stick with the rest of the song, but hey, it still turns out totally great. The music video, a must see in our opinion, is the reason for all the drama surrounding this release. We don’t want to say to much, but you’ll see a steamy love scene with a priest, inside a church. Not exactly your everyday church activities.

Alejandro Fuentes – Encore/Nabolatet Mitt (Video)
Alejandro finally released another catchy tune, ‘Encore’. And we have to say, that this is probably the most infectious one, we’ve heard from Alejandro in a long time. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing your own encore of the chorus. 

>>> Listen to ‘Encore’ HERE

Also, he just recently released the video for his previous single ‘Nabolaget’, take a look at it below. 

AURORA – Running With The Wolves

Aurora has just released the video for her amazing song ‘Running With The Wolves’, and we have to say, that it just has the perfect balance, of being weird and beautiful at the same. Again, we are totally captivated by Aurora.

Written by Erik Rydning

Monday, 22. June 2015