Cara Delevingne Can Turn Casual Into Couture

  • 13 Times Cara Delevingne Proved She Can Turn Casual Into Couture >>>

  • 1. Like when she paired a bretton hat with a loose button down, basically looking like Harry Styles and it totally WORKED.

  • 2. And when she made this funky multi-layered coat all business.

  • 3. A totally casual and kinda boring V-neck sweater on her? Runway ready.

  • 4. There appears to be velcro on her shoes (seriously), but this sheer top and leather pants combo makes it all a cut above ordinary.

  • 5. We’re not even sure what to call this saggy suit except AWESOME.

  • 6. Even with a flower child motif going on she’s stunning.

  • 7. Tennis pro and go.

  • 8. Are those pajamas or a designer jumper? We don’t know and, frankly, it doesn’t make a difference. She’s still flying high with this one.

  • 9. This is how M.C. Hammer meant for it to be done, guys.

  • 10. An eyeball knit cap. AN EYEBALL KNIT CAP.

  • 11. Yes, that is a NASA t-shirt, and yes she’s still somehow to the nines here.

  • 12. Only Cara could pull off this half-dad shirt half-cocktail dress (we think?) combo thing.

  • 13.And, yeah, we’re gonna need this button-down hoodie jacket and striped pants ensemble right now, please and thanks.

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    We've got proof. At least 13 times.

    Before Cara Delevingne convinced us ‘bout her acting chops – and became the next John Green book-based heartbreaker in ’Paper Towns’ – she was and still is known for being a ‘quite’ successful (runway) model, which also lead us to the conclusion, that she might know quite a bit ’bout the whole fashion game.

    >>> The 'Paper Towns' Soundtrack Is AHmazing

    I mean look at Cara, she basically could throw herself into one of these linen potato sacks and it would still look like A breezy piece of (high) fashion we’d totally want to wear so bad right now. Meaning, she’s a double threat, because she obviously knows a thing or two ‘bout rockin’ wardrobe essentials (like Pyjamas kind of Jumpsuits) that actually couldn’t be rocked at all.

    Don’t believe us? Well, we’ve got proof and inspiration for you in our picture gallery above. Click it!

    Monday, 22. June 2015