Emilia Clarke: Being famous can be awkward

Emilia Clarke gets called 'Dragon Lady' by her local newsagent.

Emilia Clarke thinks it’s funny yet awkward to go into a magazine shop as a recognised actress.

The English beauty is best known as Daenerys Targaryen in hit HBO series Game of Thrones. But despite the huge success of the show, she is rarely recognised in public, and that’s just how she likes it.

“[It’s] kind of funny and awkward,” she told the British edition of Marie Claire regarding her local newsagents in Hampstead, London. “It’s like, oh there’s my face on a magazine, ‘OK, morning, could I have some milk, please?’ Sometimes they will say ‘Oh, hello, dragon lady.’”

While the 28-year-old is currently able to enjoy something of a private life, she did run the risk of giving that up when she considered moving to Los Angeles. New York was also on her potential relocation list, but she has decided to stick to her homeland.

“I went through this phase of thinking I had to move to LA,” she said. “I was coming here so much and I thought perhaps that was what I needed to do for my career. [Then] I did Breakfast at Tiffany’s on Broadway and I just thought, ‘OK, amazing, I’ll live in New York.’”

However her experience in the Big Apple’s theatre land didn’t quite go as planned, with Emilia admitting she found the experience very tough. It was the support of her family and friends during that time that reminded her of why she loves where she lives.

“I am really quite English,” she laughed. “I love LA and I have lots of American friends, but my family and most of my friends will probably always be in London, and what matters most to me in life is the happiness that comes from being around them.”
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Saturday, 20. June 2015