FYI: Taylor Swift Is An Emoji

  • 13 Situations where Taylor Swift pulled off the perfect Emoji >>>

  • Already nailed it with Emoji #1

  • Yup, we see some similarity there.

  • TOTES!

  • MILEY?!

  • She even looks like an Emoji while dancing...! CLASSY!

  • AW! She can even do the Monkey-Emoji <3

  • The stare Emoji is obviously one of Tay's faves.

  • Cool! Literally!

  • Smile like you mean it!

  • Bored?!

  • Need more proof?

  • OK! Here's she's rocking the smooch Emoji just perfectly.

  • See! We told ja. The Taylor-Emoji is a thing!!! <3

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    ...and we have proof!

    There are two things we just can’t get enough of, Taylor Swift and Emojis. Now just imagine, for one sec, how freekin’ awesome it would be, if those two ‘collaborated’. You now may ask, on how that should work? Well, the Twitter account @TaylorAsEmojis, definitely knows, how to combine our two favorites just perfectly.

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    Strange, that we didn’t notice before (shame on us), but @TaylorAsEmoji revealed, that Tay Swizzle basically rocks the perfect Emoji face, in every situation. And by every situation, we mean EVERY.

    Don’t believe us? Then find proof by clicking through our hilarious Taylor-Emoji gallery above.

    Friday, 19. June 2015