What If All Disney Princesses Were Mermaids?!

  • So this is how mermaid princess Jasmine would look like. She don't need no underwater Ginii... she got what it takes!

  • Here we have princess Belle. Imagine how the Beast would look as a merman. Don't wanna see that, thank you...

  • Okay... Pocahontas as a mermaid is kinda perfection.

  • Here we have Sleeping Beauty waiting on her prince (again).

  • Why is mermaid Mulan sittin' in the rain? Don't get it...

  • That is one cute a** Cinderella mermaid. Soooo pretty!

  • Mermaid Megara is having a bad hair day. Saltwater hair damages are sooo nerve wrecking....

  • Why's mermaid Tiana looking so bored? Whatever. Bored but beautiful.

  • Here we have Jane. I bet Tarzan is a hell of a swimmer too. I mean the guy can basically fly too...

  • Sister mermaid love - Nani and Lilo

  • Mermaid Snow White can totally pull off the "wet hair" look.

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    Thursday, 18. June 2015