We Love Miley Cyrus' Insta Art

    Miley just can't stop posting weird pictures with JB.

    It’s not a secret, that Miley Cyrus LOVES photoshopping her snapshots. I mean, if you take a good scroll all the way through her Instagram (MUST DO), you would definitely would come to a few undeniable conclusions. Such as:

    – She’s serious about her arts and crafts.
    – She eats a lot of pizza.
    – Her animals are her BFFs.
    – The more outlandish the Photoshop, the better.
    – She has a weird obsession with certain celebs
    - She loves glitter

    Along with Elvis Presley, Madonna and Kimye *one of the celebs who pops up most regularly on her *Insta is Justin Bieber, via bizarrely edited images.

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    Miley's latest piece of ‘JB-Art’, was a pic of Justin replacing herself, on her already iconic Paper magazine cover.

    Check out Miley's incredible Insta artwork in our picture gallery above.


    Tuesday, 16. June 2015