5SOS: Michael Clifford Catches Fire On Stage

WARNING: Michael does a swear in his Twitter post, but his head had just been on fire so we can forgive him.

Poor Michael Clifford! Our favorite emo of all times was literally on fire, when his hair went up in flames, after he apparently wandered into the path of a pyrotechnic ‘flamethrower’, during the last song of 5SOS' main set at Wembley’s SSE Arena.

Concerned fans jumped straight onto Twitter to send their healing vibes, getting the hashtag #GETWELLSOONMICHAEL trending.

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Not enough of all the injuries with the 5SOS lads, as co-star Calum Hood also had his arm burned in the same incident. Of course it didn’t take long for the #GETWELLSOONCALUM hashtag to be created. Fandom goals!

Later on Michael took to Twitter:

Oh guys, we can’t say anything else then, get well soon PLEASE!

Monday, 15. June 2015