Taylor Swifts Cat Finally Met Her Namesake, Olivia Benson

There were cat treats involved, and it was purr-fect.

Yesterday, at Tay Swizzles second 1989 tour concert in Philadelphia, pop culture history was written.

Tay Tay’s ‘Bad Blood’ co-star Mariska Hargitay aka ‘Justice’ aka ‘The Non-Fury Oliva Benson’, was in the house, following the previous evening’s special appearance. So it only made sense, that Tay brought another VIP guest to tag along. You have three guesses, who it was. Hint: She has four legs, a lot of fur, and likes to eat treats.

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Yes, you guys are totally right. Swift’s furbaby Olivia Benson, finally meet her namesake, Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay from ‘Law and Order: SVU’).

No we know, that all is right with the world. The only thing, that could have made it even more purr-fect, would have been Ellen Pompeo ‘aka’ Dr. Meredith Grey meeting the furrrrrry Dr. Meredith Grey. #makeithappen #catsarelife


Monday, 15. June 2015