RIP Beards: 7 Scruffy Looks We'll Miss

  • 7 Perfectly scruffy beards we're definitely gonna miss >>>

  • 1. Robert Pattinson: A quintessential hipster beard. Scruffy, disheveled and paired with that, “What day is it? I just woke up from a months-long slumber” face.

  • 2. Chris Hemsworth

  • 3. Jamie Dornan: We’ll be honest: he looks good with or without a beard. That said, he’s definitely still hotter with beard.

  • 4.Ryan Gosling: “Hey, girl. I promise to never fully shave off my beard because I know I look hella good with it.” Correct, Ryan.

  • 5. Jake Gyllenhaal: He just looks incomplete without it.

  • 6. Zac Efron: The ideal beard-to-mustache ratio. Thank you, Zac.

  • 7. Jared Leto: Currently a clean-shaven Leto is filming "Suicide Squad", we will mourn the loss of the beard and yearn for its magnificent return (also for his glouris long hair of course).

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    See Robert Pattinson, Jared Leto and Zac Efron's best beard moments.

    Hold your breaths people, cause according to Mashable, the fury hipster movement is moving on, or rather and literally, moving off those beautiful and hunky faces. Countless male models (our source of ‘all’ wisdom), who perfectly pulled off our beloved facial hair, actually reported less bookings and gigs, because those full-on beards apparently are too niche. WHAT… but we love niche!!!!

    Model Joel Alexander, who did campaigns for True Religion, Silver Jeans, and Alternative Apparel, got even more specific, by telling Mashable, ‘The big beard trend is over and done. My agents were telling me that big fashion houses weren’t wanting to book me because of the beard. It’s not what they’re looking for anymore, and I realized then that I wasn’t going to be getting jobs with it.’

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    If this is true, it’s only right that we pay homage to the beards that paved the way for those that followed. RIP hip facial hair. You will be missed.

    Friday, 12. June 2015