FYI: Don't Buy Jelly Sandals This Summer

    There are reasons!

    How much fun is it to be trolling through all of these online stores all day err day, no that summer has finally arrived. AH – just love it.

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    As you’re obviously one of us, an internet shopping addict, you may have noticed a recent resurgence of jelly shoes. Of course, we now totally feel a certain temptation, to have these colorful, sparkly and summery sandals embellish our feet. And yes, they look cute and come in colors to match, or clash with all of your outfits. And of course, they can add a little ‘sparkle’ to your look, but don’t forget, there are a number of issues that will arise and plague your feet all summer if you decide to add ’em to your wardrobe.

    You better keep a few things in mind before hitting that BUY button.

    Thursday, 11. June 2015