#TBT: The Evolution Of Zayn Malik's Hair

  • Check on Zayn Malik's hair evolution throughout the years >>>

  • Ahhh, the fetus Zayn haircut back in the days.

  • Here he's rocking 'the vanilla chocolate soft ice cream' hair. CREAMY!

  • Here he was "trying" to step into Harreh's hairy footsteps. Almost there... but only almost. Sorry Zayn, these curlies just get them girlies.

  • You can't deny that Zayn (no matter the haircut) is easy on the eyes...


  • Then, "all of a sudden", his hair was a long, flowing, voluminous thing of beauty.


  • Also, we'll NEVER get over the sexiest loose strand mankind has EVER witnessed.

  • Also, his angelic long hair, had the incredible ability to take many shapes and still look perfect. Here he is premiering the hairband.

  • GEEZE, it was so versatile.

  • Shaved sides / Man bun Zayn was also a thing of beauty.

  • Look at him pioneering "the way that you flip your hair (to the right) just gets me overwhelmed" look. INCREDIBLE.

  • And then the shaved head happened...but that's totally ok, because he is who he is and that’s that.

  • #GREENHAIRDONTCARE - Still looking hot though... can't deny it.

  • Inbetween the green and white hair, Zayn apparently went purple. WE STILL WANT PROOF!


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    Zayn Malik's hair is the reason for my tears.

    There is a reason, why Zayn Malik is nominated for this years ‘Fashion Choice Male Hottie’ Teen Choice Awards, competing against his former One Direction buddies, he obviously is one hot lat, yes, but first of all he’s always en vogue, especially when it comes to his hair. Not only, does his hair (or no hair) always look pretty angelic and soft and silky and…. but it also experiences some transfromations ‘once in a while’.

    >>> Seconds Out: One Direction VS Zayn Malik At The Teen Choice Awards

    As we can’t deny sharing a big love, for this one very special and magnificent head of Zayn-hair, we collected all of his best and most memorable hairstyle moments in one picture gallery. We’ve got reasons man!

    Thursday, 11. June 2015