So, Brooklyn Beckham Has Some Famous BFF's

  • Check out Brooklyn Beckham's celebrity BFF list >>>

  • Here he is hangin' with Harry Styles. No big deal...

  • “Great seeing these chaps,” he captioned the pic. #casual

  • He even met this legend, Stephen Hawking. GOSH!

  • Brooklyn refers to Niall Horan as "this dude" - OK!

  • One quick Selfie with Ariana Grande.

  • He already can post TBT photo with Eva Longoria...

  • And met up with Elton John.

  • Cara's on his BFF list as well.

  • She even photobombs his pics.

  • Here he's been spotted being all glamorous with Kate Beckinsale.

  • Here he's with hottie David Beckham OK, OK, we know it's his Dad, but still...

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    We’re seriously jealous of Brooklyn Beckham’s backstage pics with One Direction & Ariana Grande and all of his other celeb moments...

    Aside from being blessed with their good looks, Brooklyn Beckham clearly takes after parents David and Victoria in another respect: he’s already cultivated some super famous friends.

    The 16-year-old just ‘logged on’ to Instagram a few months ago (November 2014) and is already posting Selfies with Ariana Grande, Cara Delevingne, One Direction, David Beckham, well ok that’s his Dad, but still, you get the picture.

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    The best thing about it, Brooklyn doesn’t seem starstruck at all, probably because they are starstruck themselves… who knows. But lets be honest, we envy you Brooklyn, just a tiny bit.

    Check out Brooklyn’s Insta moments (so far) in our picture gallery above.

    Wednesday, 10. June 2015