Seconds Out: It's 1D VS Zayn Malik

    One Direction And Zayn Malik Are Competing For The Same Teen Choice Award — WTF?!

    Oh Oh people you better buckle up for this one, cause it seems as if the current ceasefire between One Direction and Zayn Malik could soon come to an end (again). Why? Well, it’s all thanks to the first wave of the Teen Choice Awards nominations. Going down the list, our eyes glaze over the usual heated categories, like Choice Drama TV Show and Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie Actor. But then, you see it: the Fashion Choice Male Hottie category, which awkwardly pits One Direction against ex-member and (ex) BFF Zayn Malik. Vas happenin’???

    Seriously guys, we were so happy that everything was finally ‘all good in the hood’ as Louis ‘The Sassmaster’ Tomlinson just recently stated on ‘The Late Late Show’ with James Corden. By putting Zayn and 1D in the same category the whole thing could probably blow up again.

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    Dear Teen Choice Awards, we are still coming to grips with the newly-minted quartet, and judging by certain Twitter exchanges, the guys aren’t done coping with the transition themselves. How can you do this to us, stirring up the whole conflict (again) by pitting them against each other? Geeeeeze…

    All of this begs the question: Is it too soon? According to most Directioners (and us), the answer is a resounding YES. Fans immediately started expressing their (hurt) feelings and disappointment to Twitter making some excellent points about why this only inflates their grief.

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    Wednesday, 10. June 2015