So, Zayn Malik Has Green Hair Now

    This is not a drill!

    Since Zayn Malik left One Direction (we’re still not over it Zayn), earlier this year, he debuted A LOT of things. There was some music, with his new best lad Naughty Boy and some bad, bad Twitter feuding with Louis Tomlinson… but it seems as if the Bradford boy more or less concentrated more on his (good) looks.

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    Remember the time, when he made his first official appearance after leaving 1D, at the Asian Music Awards, premiering his nose studd AND his shaved head?! I recall, that we all were kinda shell-shocked about how suddenly he bombarded us with this drastic transformation, leaving us no time to properly grieve over his perfectly fluffy hair or his famous single loose strand (god it was beautiful).

    Well, that was merely child’s play compared to what our beloved Zayn has done now. Take a deep breath everyone, cause it’s literally inZAYNe



    OK, here we go…

    Of course, not only we, but also the Internet went entirely crae about his new greenish looks… so we came up with the ‘17 Things People Think Zayn Malik’s Green Hair Looks Like’ gallery above. Take a look, have a good laugh.

    WE STILL LOVE U ZAYN#GreenHairDontCare

    Monday, 08. June 2015