Kendall Jenner: Will Lewis steal her limelight?

Kendall Jenner and Lewis Hamilton reportedly both have concerns about their supposed romance.

Kendall Jenner is reportedly worried that romancing Lewis Hamilton might overshadow her work.

The 19-year-old model has been romantically linked to the 30-year-old Formula One ace, apparently after her mother Kris Jenner pushed for them to get together.

Although things are said to be going well, it’s thought that both sides are treating the relationship with trepidation.

“I think Lewis is worried he’s not cool enough for Kendall, and she’s concerned his career may overshadow her modelling. But Kris is over the moon. She thinks Lewis is the kind of man Kendall needs. She’s practically jumping up and down,” an insider laughed to British magazine Heat.

The fledgling couple’s new romance was first reported last week and is said to have been instigated by self-styled momager Kris. She apparently made it clear that she felt the pair were well suited months ago, much to Kendall’s embarrassment.

“They first met at the Balmain party at Paris Fashion Week. Lewis had just split up from Nicole [Scherzinger] and clearly fancied Kendall, but she seemed more interested in hanging out with her mates. But Kris was also at the party and was all over Lewis. She practically pushed Kendall into his arms,” the source said. “She gave Lewis Kendall’s number and told him to call her and ask her on a date. Kendall was mortified, everyone saw her mouthing, ‘Mom, stop,’ at Kris. But it didn’t put Lewis off – he was in contact with Kendall all the time after that.”

To add even more confusion, Lewis then spent time with Kendall’s pal and fellow model Gigi Hadid. That soon fizzled out though and Kendall is said to be over it, although initially it’s thought she was none too pleased.
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Saturday, 06. June 2015