Decoding Ariana Grande's New 'Ink'

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  • 1. ’Moonlight’: Not only is Ari obsessed with the moon, but it’s supposedly the name of her next album.

  • 2. ’Bellissima’: During her Milan tour stop, Grande sported the word “bellissima,” which means “beautiful” in Italian. Also her late grandfather used to call her that - CUTE!

  • 3. ’Ti voglio bene’: Ariana wrote “I love you” in Italian on her other arm in Milan. She’s constantly reciprocating love to her “babes.”

  • 4. ’Amsterdayum’: Taking a page from 5 Seconds of Summer’s book, Ari misspelled Amsterdam while she was playing in the city. She wrote “Amsterdayum” on her left arm, and fans loved it!

  • ’Tracy’: Ariana rocked the name of her friend and dancer Tracy Takahashi in Stockholm because it was her birthday. #cutnessoverload #bffalert <3


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    Goodbye, temporary tattoos. Hello, pen ink!

    On her current Honeymoon Tour, Ariana Grande proves, that all you need for a little skin art is a pen. Yup, you’ve heard right, a pen. The singer recently has been drawing on herself every night before she takes the stage, bringing us back to the days when Taylor Swift would write lyrics on her arms on her Speak Now Tour (good times).

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    So how comprehensible are Ari’s designs? We had a GOOD look at her recent arm-writings and tried to figure out what deeper meaning they may have. Check out our analytics in our gallery above…

    Friday, 05. June 2015